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Family law issues can have a life-altering impact on you and your loved ones. No one enters a relationship expecting the end. When the unexpected occurs, you must have a compassionate, knowledgeable and experienced attorney to guide you through the legal hurdles that arise.
The Law Office of Arturo Cervantes Jr. specializes in all areas of Family Law affecting you and your family. Our San Diego Family Law Attorney is available to represent you throughout Southern California. Our Legal Services include but are not limited to:
  • Petitions for a Dissolution of Marriage (Divorce), Legal Separation, or Annulment. Our San Diego Family Law Attorney is experienced and can help you also explore cooperative options such as a Joint Petitions for Summary Dissolution and Collaborative Divorce Mediation.
  • Confident representation for all issues that may arise in Family Court. Our San Diego Family Law Attorney is knowledgeable and experienced in issues ranging from Child Custody and Visitation, Child Support, Alimony (Spousal Support), Property Division, and Allocation of Community Property Debts and Obligations.
  • Petition to Establish Paternity for your minor children, which can ensure your child is supported and cared for when there is no marital relationship between parents. Our Family Law Attorney can guide you through the process to ensure your child is taken care of.
  • For preventative solutions, our office can prepare Pre-Marital and Post-Nuptial Agreements to resolve issues before they happen.
  • If your case involves the Department of Child Support Services ("DCSS"), our San Diego Family Law Attorney can petition the Court for a Modification of your current child support order, determine child support Arrears (back support), and seek Enforcement of current orders.
  • If a relationship has ended and you are concerned for your safety, our San Diego Family Law Attorney can help you obtain a Temporary Restraining Order to prevent Domestic Violence or Harrassment .
Our San Diego Family Law Attorney will work tirelessly to ensure you are informed of your rights and provide you with all options. Our office will prepare a unique case plan based on your input and approval. This is more than a case, this is your life. At all times, you are in control of your case while we guide you through the process.
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Effective, Aggressive and Affordable Family Law Attorney
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